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At I Just Am, we envision a world where everyone belongs and flourishes regardless of the challenges they face.

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It all started with a compliment I gave my daughter, Sarah, who has Down syndrome.

“Why are you so brave and beautiful?” I asked her.

“I just am!” she replied.


Those three words quickly became our family’s mantra. Throughout her life, Sarah has taught us the importance of embracing life’s inevitable challenges and celebrating every small success on her journey...



We carry a variety of items, from stickers, cards and candles to T-shirts, sweatshirts and hats. But every item has one thing in common: It was created with a love of art and design in mind.

About Us


Be an Ally
& Wear Tie Dye

We love our allies - they're champions for inclusion.  They come from all walks of life - teachers, artists, co-workers & neighbors. 
Your kindness and compassion matter.

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